Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golden Slim Tea - Dieta Dorada - Diet Drink

Golden Slim Tea - Dieta Dorada - Diet DrinkDescription: Golden Slim Tea by the brand Hora Dorada, is without a doubt one of the best natural weight loss herbal teas. You will feel the effects on your body the first day you use it and if you follow the directions, their is no limit on how much weight you can lose. Drink Golden Slim Tea to reach your desired weight! This tea cleanses your body from excessive deposits and fat, because of this it might cause a slight stomach cramping at first. These symptoms disappear a few days after you have begun drinking it. You can also take the tea less concentrated to reduce these symptoms. Directions: Put a teabag in a cup with hot/boiling water and cover it. Let a few minutes pass, depending on how concentrated you want it. You can add bee honey to make it sweeter if you like. Drink the tea hot within 10 minutes after your main meals, twice a day. Once you have reached your desired weight, reduce to one tea per day. Tips and Tricks: Drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Go out for a walk or do excersice every day. Practice meditation, relaxation of the body and mind is key to a healthy body. Avoid fatty meals, this product will clean your body but cannot work miracles. If you continue eating fatty foods while drinking the tea, stomach cramping may return. Dont let obesity rule your life. You have the control. 20 Teabags Not recommended for children, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant woman, older seniors or people with weak bodies.


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